Confluence Health in Moses Lake, Washington: A Wellness Center That Empowers Patients

Confluence Health is a Moses Lake, Washington wellness center that empowers patients to take control of their health. We offer a wide variety of services, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and more. Our team of experts works together to provide our patients with the support they need to achieve lasting health. We believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves and that no one should have to suffer in silence. If you’re looking for a wellness center that will empower you and help you take control of your health, confluence health moses lake  is the place for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What is Confluence Health?

Confluence Health is a wellness center that empowers patients with the tools they need to improve their health and live happier healthier lives. Located in Moses Lake, Washington, Confluence Health offers a variety of services including physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, yoga classes, and more.

The staff at Confluence Health are passionate about helping patients achieve their health goals and make positive changes in their lives. They offer expert advice and support along the way, and always work to accommodate individual needs.

History of Confluence Health

Confluence Health is a wellness center that empowers patients through its unique approach to health and healing. Founded in Moses Lake, Washington in 2006, the center provides comprehensive services including preventive care, physical therapy, massage, yoga, and meditation. The center’s philosophy is based on the belief that every individual has the power to create their own health destiny.

The center’s team of professionals works together to provide each patient with the individualized care they need to restore their health and improve their life. The staff focuses on providing patients with the resources they need to maintain their own healthful habits and live a healthy lifestyle free from harmful diseases.

The center’s approach to wellness is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, which views the body as a whole system that needs to be treated as a whole. This holistic approach emphasizes the importance of mind, body, and spirit in promoting overall well-being.

Confluence Health provides optimal conditions for physical healing with its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The center’s team of professionals provides personalized support and guidance for each patient’s unique path to personal health and restoration.

The center has been featured in publications including The Seattle Times, Yahoo! Health, and Prevention magazine. Confluence Health is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, American Physical Therapy Association, and Washington State Massage Therapists Association.

Services Provided by Confluence Health

Confluence Health is a wellness center that empowers patients to create their own health destiny. Our team of experts provides the best possible care for you, from pre-natal care to chronic disease management. We focus on whole-person health and believe that everyone deserves access to top-quality care.

Our wide range of services includes:

Pre-natal Care

Birth Doula Services

Certified Nurse Midwives

Chronic Disease Management

Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

Balance Training & Yoga Classes

Wellness Coaching

Our facility offers state-of-the-art amenities, including a gym, pool, and spa. We also have an experienced team of staff who are dedicated to helping you reach your health goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you reach your fullest potential!

Patient Reviews of Confluence Health

Patients rave about Confluence Health, a wellness center in Moses Lake, Washington that enables them to feel their best. With a team of experienced professionals, the facility provides a variety of services and programs to help patients achieve their health goals.

From weight loss and fitness classes to natural remedies and holistic therapy, Confluence Health has something for everyone. And because the center is located in a convenient location, patients can access its services without having to travel far.

One patient who has been happy with the results of her treatments at confluence health moses lake  is Dawn McKenzie. McKenzie says she’s lost weight and increased her flexibility thanks to the center’s programs and instruction. “The staff is wonderful,” she adds. “They’re very knowledgeable about what they do.”

Another satisfied customer is Gail Jensen, who credits the facility’s personalized approach with helping her return to normal activities after suffering a debilitating injury. “I always felt like I was one step ahead of my treatment plan,” she says. “Overall, I think it was an excellent experience.”


Confluence Health is a wellness center that empowers patients with knowledge and tools to better manage their health. The center offers programs and services such as yoga, meditation, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and more, all of which aim to improve the quality of life for its patients. With knowledgeable staff members who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, Confluence Health is a great place to start improving your overall health.

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