Disco Disco 70s Fashion: A Look Back At The Classic Disco Look

If you’re a fan of 1970s fashion, there’s a good chance you enjoy disco too. In fact, the 70s disco fashion was a decade defined by its Disco era, which saw the emergence of colorful clothes and accessories. Many people credit this trend to one particular designer: Cristóbal Balenciaga. And in honor of his birthday, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of his most iconic disco looks. So whether you love disco or just want to revisit some classic fashion trends from the 70s, read on for a look at Balenciaga’s disco 70s fashion!

What was the Disco Era like?

The Disco era was a time of great change in fashion. Gone were the days of strict, formal clothing requirements. Suddenly, people were embracing anything and everything that made them feel good – including disco fashion!

Disco attire consisted of bright colors, flowing fabrics, and huge hats. Accessories included big earrings, colorful bracelets, and glittery lipsticks. The look was all about being fun and flirty – just like the music!

This unique style quickly became popular among the young and trendy population. Celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer helped to make it even more popular by wearing it on stage and in magazine ads.

Today, disco fashion is still widely popular among teens and 20-somethings. If you’re feeling inspired by the heyday of this exciting style, there’s no need to go out and buy a bunch of old clothes – you can get exactly what you need online!

What were the key fashion trends of the Disco Era?

The Disco Era was a time of great change when it came to fashion. The hippie movement had just come to an end, and people were starting to adopt more modern styles. This was especially evident in the fashion trends of the Disco Era. Here are five key Disco Era fashion trends:

1. The poodle skirt: This trend started in 1977 and was very popular among women of all ages. It consisted of a tight-fitting skirt that went below the knee and often featured a flower or other print on it.

2. The high heel: This became one of the most popular items of clothing during the Disco Era, and women wore them everywhere from nightclubs to church services. They were also popular for dancing and as part of a costume for Halloween or other celebrations.

3. The sequined dress: While this trend didn’t start until after disco hit its peak popularity, it quickly became one of the most popular styles during that time period. Sequins were used in everything from dresses to skirts to blouses, and they added a bit of glamour to everyday clothing.

4. The sparkly headband: These bands became very popular during the Disco Era because they allowed women to keep their hair down while still looking stylish and glamorous. They could be used as part of a costume or simply as an accessory for everyday wear.

5. The Afro: During the Disco Era, many black women began wearing their hair styled in short af

How did people dress back then?

Back in the days of disco, people dressed up like their favorite pop stars. For women, this meant wearing stylish clothes and high heels. Men wore flashy clothing and big hairstyles. Disco fashion was all about looking your best!

Today, people still dress up for special occasions, but in a more conservative way. People might wear a nice dress to church, or a suit to work. And of course, everyone always wears their best shoes!

What would you need to wear to participate in a disco party back in the 70s?

If you were looking to join in on the disco party scene back in the 70s, you would need some clothes that showed your dance moves. Sure, there were ball gowns and formal wear for special occasions, but for everyday life, you could get away with pretty much anything. A lot of people opted for brightly-colored polyester jumpsuits or flowing skirts and blouses. If you wanted to show a little more skin, some people went for skimpy leather outfits or body-hugging tube dresses. And of course, everyone needed a pair of high heels!


When disco music began to take hold in the 70s disco fashion, there was no better way to show your support than by dressing up like your favorite disco artist. From feather boas and platform shoes to bright colors and big hair, this era was all about glamorizing the 1970s look. If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to dress like a disco queen or king this weekend, check out our collection of 70s fashion pics and get ready to groove!

The article discusses how in the 1970s, disco became popular and many people began to wear brightly-colored clothing. The article also discusses key fashion trends during this time such as the poodle skirt, high heels, sequined dress, sparkly headband, and Afro. The article also discusses how people typically dressed back then and what you would need to wear to participate in a disco party.

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