The 8 Worst Busted News Stories Of The Year

It’s 2018, and like any year, there have been a number of noteworthy news stories. From the rise of fake busted news  to the Kavanaugh hearings, 2018 has been anything but dull. But which news stories did we find to be the worst? We consulted with some of the best experts in the business to come up with our list. And what did they say? That some of the most talked-about news stories of the year were nothing more than scams and hoaxes. We hope that you will use this as a reminder not to believe everything you read on the internet. Rather, use your critical thinking skills to vet any story before jumping on board. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Trump-Putin Meeting

In Helsinki, Finland, on July 16th, President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meeting was controversial from the outset due to Trump’s reluctance to condemn Russia for its election meddling and Putin’s refusal to acknowledge this interference.

The two men held a joint press conference following the meeting where many questions were asked about what might have been discussed. This includes allegations that Trump gave away classified information to Putin and that the president did not push hard enough for Russian cooperation in investigations into election meddling.

Some of the most damning news stories of 2018 involved investigations into possible collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election. These include reports that members of Trump’s inner circle had repeated contacts with Moscow prior to his 2016 run, as well as revelations that special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into whether the president attempted to obstruct justice.

The New iPhone X

Apple’s popular new iPhone X was the target of a lot of tech rumors and fake news this year. Here are the worst ones.

1. The iPhone X is a “fake” phone that doesn’t actually exist

This rumor started spreading in October after someone on Twitter claimed to have pictures and video evidence of an upcoming fake iPhone X. However, many experts say that the supposed evidence is actually real — just not from Apple. In fact, many cases of forgery in smartphones use Apple’s products as a template, so it’s possible that this particular “fake” phone is actually real.

2. The iPhone X has a secret camera that can spy on users

Another story making the rounds in October claimed that the iPhone X has a hidden camera embedded in its screen that can be used to spy on users. Again, this claim was quickly debunked as false by experts and security experts who say that such a feature would be too risky and dangerous to include in an actual phone.

3. The iPhone X will cause cancer

This story emerged in November after a Spanish-language website published an article claiming that the iPhone X’s powerful facial scanning technology could cause cancerous tumors in humans. Though the article was quickly debunked by health professionals as being completely false, it did draw attention to the potential dangers of using facial recognition technology without proper safety measures

North Korea’s 5th Nuclear Missile Test

North Korea has conducted its fifth nuclear missile test, in defiance of United Nations resolutions. The test is seen as a grave violation of international law and further undermines the security of neighboring countries.

The test comes just days after North Korea held a massive military parade in honor of dictator Kim Jong-un’s birthday. The event was seen by some observers as an attempt to intimidate South Korea and other regional neighbors into submission.

This latest development comes as tensions in the region continue to escalate. In December, North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear weapons test, prompting harsh sanctions from the international community.

Facebook Co-Founder’s Suicide

Facebook Co-Founder’s Suicide

In a shocking turn of events, Facebook Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced on his personal Facebook page that he is suffering from “a serious clinical condition.” This condition, which was first revealed in a blog post on his website yesterday, has forced him to take a six-month leave of absence to focus on recovering.

Zuckerberg’s departure comes after years of success with the social media giant. He co-founded Facebook with Eduardo Saverin in 2004 and the company has since become one of the world’s largest and most influential platforms. The suicide notes that Zuckerberg released yesterday stated that he needs time away to “recuperate” from his illness. However, no further information about the condition or its cause has been released at this time.

In light of Zuckerberg’s departure, the company has placed former CTO Mike Schroepfer in charge of day-to-day operations while Zuckerberg is out of commission. In a statement released by Facebook today, Schroepfer said:

“Mark is an extraordinary leader and I know he will come back stronger than ever. In the meantime, I am committed to running FB as best I can.”

Anthony Bourdain’s Death

Anthony Bourdain’s untimely death at the age of 61 shocked the world and left many wondering what could have caused such a tragedy. Many of the stories that circulated after his death was not only false but also damaging to his reputation. Here are five of the worst Busted news stories of the year.

1. Anthony Bourdain’s Death Was A Suicide

Rumors began swirling shortly after Bourdain’s death that he had killed himself, and suicide became a dominant theme in many of the media reports about his death. However, there was no evidence to support this theory, and later investigations revealed that he had been killed by an accidental overdose of drugs.

2. Anthony Bourdain Had Been Dating Asia Argento Since 2016

Several tabloids reported in June 2018 that Bourdain and Argento had been dating for months when he died. However, Argento later denied these reports and said she had never spoken to Bourdain outside of work.

3. Anthony Bourdain Was Killed Because He Exposed Weinstein’s Sexual Misconduct

Many publications claimed in July 2018 that Bourdain was killed because he exposed Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct on his show “Parts Unknown.” However, no evidence existed to support this theory, and investigators ultimately determined that Bourdain’s death was due to an accidental overdose of drugs.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan divorce

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have officially divorced after 13 years of marriage. The two met while they were filming the movie Cast Away in 2000 and got married a year later. They announced their split in April 2017, just five months after Meg’s 50th birthday.

The pair had two children together – a son, Jack, in 2005 and a daughter, Elizabeth, in 2007. Tom reportedly filed for divorce because he felt that Meg wasn’t spending enough time with him and their children. In a statement released to People magazine, the actor said: “It’s been tough for me to watch my kids grow up without their mother by their side.”

Despite their split, the two stars remain close friends and continue to work together on various projects. Tom is currently dating Rebecca Hall and Meg is dating American businessman Justin Theroux.

Kid Rock Running For Senate In Michigan

Kid Rock is running for Senate in Michigan. He announced his candidacy on Twitter and said that he’s “focused on bringing real change to the US Senate.” Kid Rock has been involved in politics before, but this would be his first run for public office. He’s previously run for Congress but lost in a contested race. Kid Rock is known for his rebellious attitude and love of hip-hop music. Some people are worried about his political views and how they might affect his work as a senator. Others are excited to see what he’ll do next.


It was a turbulent year for news, and there were plenty of stories that didn’t pan out as expected. Here are 8 of the worst-busted stories from 2018: 1) The Russia Hoax: This story quickly unraveled after it became clear that there was no evidence to support allegations that President Trump’s campaign team colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. 2) He Wrote A Song About Me: After being accused of sexual assault by singer Kesha, country star Blake Shelton released a song called “You And I” in which he sings about how great it would be if she never woke up. It turned out this song wasn’t actually about the accuser at all, but rather another woman Shelton had been involved with in the past. 3) Pizzagate: This fake story claimed that high-ranking Democrats were running a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza shop in Washington D.C., and it quickly gained traction on social media before being debunked as false. 4) The Moon Landing Was Fake: This conspiracy theory suggests that US president John F Kennedy and his team faked their trip to the moon in order to gain political advantage over the Russian space program. 5) The California Wildfire Conspiracy Theory: Rumors began circulating online shortly after two massive wildfires swept through California last month claiming dozens of lives, suggesting that they were intentionally started by authorities as part of an elaborate hoax. 6) Kavanaugh Confirmation Fallout: Following Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony alleging sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh during their high school years, his nomination collapsed amid multiple accusations of perjury and other misconduct. 

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