Top 10 Schenectady News Stories From 2018

2018 was a year of change in Schenectady. From the election of Mayor Gary McCarthy to the opening of a new brewery, there was plenty to talk about in the city this past year. In this blog post, we will countdown our top 10 Schenectady news stories from 2018. From major developments to small happenings, read on to get a snapshot of what made Schenectady such an interesting place to live and work in 2018.

Death of a Teenager in Schenectady

In the early hours of Friday, February 10th, 18-year-old Autumn Pasquale was found unresponsive at her home in Schenectady. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Autumn is the youngest person to die from an overdose in Schenectady County in over a decade and her death has shocked the community.

Autumn’s family released a statement expressing their grief: “Our beautiful and talented little Autumn was taken way too soon by this addiction. We will miss her deeply.”

Neighbors say that Autumn had been struggling with drug addiction for some time and that her death is a devastating loss for her friends and family. “She was always using drugs,” one neighbor said. “It’s really sad.”

Police are still investigating Autumn’s death, but they believe that she died from an overdose of heroin or fentanyl. They are urging anyone who knows anything about the circumstances surrounding her death to come forward.

Amazon to Open in Schenectady

A local developer is hoping to bring Amazon to the Capital Region this year.

Empire State Development announced Wednesday that it had reached an agreement with Advent International, a Toronto-based development company, to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to the upstate city.

The estimated cost of the project is $5 billion and would create 50,000 jobs, according to a statement from Empire State Development.

Advent International plans on submitting a formal proposal in the coming months. If awarded, Schenectady would become one of several locations vying for Amazon’s new headquarters. The announcement comes after similar bids were made by New York City and Boston, both of which lost out to Arlington, Virginia.

The development could have a significant impact on the city’s economy and tax base. Empire State Development President and CEO Howard Zemsky said in a statement that “the potential for this project is massive and has the potential to bring much-needed investment and growth to our region.”

Local Businesses Expand

Some local businesses are expanding their operations, while others are opening new locations. Here are the top Schenectady news stories from the past week:

1. TigerDirect is expanding its operations in Schenectady, with plans to open a new store on State Street. The company also announced that it will be hiring 100 employees for the new location.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts is set to open a new store in downtown Schenectady this spring. The chain is also planning to open three other stores in upstate New York over the next few years.

3. Ace Hardware is opening a new store in Scotia this month, and it’s also expanding its operations into Keene and Rotterdam.

4. Mocha Time Cafe is set to open a second location this spring in Rotterdam. The cafe already has a location in Watervliet.

Road Closed after Car Hits Tree

The road in front of the building was closed off after a car crashed into a tree. Officials say the driver is okay, but they’re still investigating what caused the crash.

Local Homeless Shelter Receives New Supplies

The Schenectady County Homeless Shelter is one of 25 shelters in the Capital Region that has received new supplies from the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army distributes the supplies to homeless shelters statewide, and this year’s gift includes hygiene items, blankets, pillows, and tents.

“This is a big help,” said Tracey Neville, shelter manager. “We have been receiving donations of new and gently used clothing for our residents for years now, but these items are specifically needed.”

The Salvation Army also provides meals to homeless shelters throughout the region. In Schenectady County, the Homeless Shelter serves 140 breakfast and lunch meals each day.

Police Respond to Shooting at a Party

On Saturday night, July 22, 2018, a shooting took place at a party in Schenectady. Reports state that there were around 30 people present at the party when shots were fired. The shooter was reportedly an 18-year-old male who fled the scene before police arrived. There have been no reports of injury as a result of the shooting.

At this time, it is unknown what led to the shooting. However, detectives are working to determine if the shooting is related to any other incidents that have taken place in the past few months in Schenectady. The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the police.

Young Woman Rescues Cat From Tree

A Schenectady woman is being praised for her quick thinking after she rescued a cat from a tree. According to police, the cat was stuck up in a tree on North Bennett Avenue near West State Street on Thursday. Liza D’Angelo, who lives nearby, saw the cat and immediately ran over to help. D’Angelo said she was able to get the cat down from the tree using just her hands. “She’s an amazing person,” said D’Angelo of the unnamed woman. “She just happened to be here at the right time.” The cat was not injured in the ordeal and is now back home with its owners.

Local Man Arrested After Punching Dog

A local man was arrested after punching a dog in the face. The incident happened on Saturday, September 9th on the corner of Elm and East Ferry Streets. According to police, 37-year-old Johnathan Santos was walking his dog when he came across another dog that was being aggressive with his pet. Santos allegedly punched the other dog in the face, causing extensive injuries. The victim’s owner came to the scene and took down a description of Santos before police arrived. After interviewing Santos, he was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

School Closes Early After Snowstorm

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, February 7, Schenectady County Schools announced that they would be closing at 2 p.m. due to widespread snow and ice accumulation on school grounds. According to the district’s website, “The decision was made after careful consideration about the safety of our students and staff.” A total of nineteen schools in the county were closed today, including five high schools. The closures are expected to last through Thursday.

According to Schenectady County Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Eric Paulsen, there have been no reports of injuries or damage as a result of the weather conditions. However, he warned drivers that it is still dangerous to drive in the snow and ice.

Although some students are disappointed by today’s closure, most appreciate their school district’s willingness to take precautions in order to keep them safe. “I think it’s a good idea,” said eighth-grader Eliza Mason of Glenville Middle School. “A lot can happen when we’re out in the cold.”


2018 was a busy year for Schenectady news, and there were plenty of stories to keep us interested. Here are the top 10 stories from this past year: 1. A local business wins a national award 2. A new restaurant opens in downtown Schenectady 3. Police make arrests in connection with a series of robberies 4. Protests erupt over new housing developments in the city 5. A man is found dead after falling from a rooftop in the city 6. A school bus carrying children overturns on Interstate 87 near Albany 7. The mayor announces new initiatives to improve safety on Capital Hill and Downtown Schenectady 8. A teenage girl dies from an overdose in Schenectady 9. Local businesses expand their operations 10. Schools close early due to the snowstorm.

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